Java Developer

IT within de Persgroep Publishing? 

We are a group of more than 500 IT colleagues. Each and every one of us is driven by the passion for our products.

We also find teamwork, taking initiative and having an agile mindset to be important, and we want to innovate in all areas – yes, literally ALL areas.


About the Content Creation Squad 

Content Creation is mainly responsible for the Editorial System. Articles get made every day. We make sure that all Editors have a tool to write/layout all those articles.

Our systems will be used by close to all brands De Persgroep has to offer (e.g. AD, Volkskrant, Trouw, Het Parool).

In 2019 our main focus will be implementing a more advanced and redesigned Editor in the current ecosystem.



It’s a classic but it says it all: There is no I in TEAM. We share success but also (sometimes) failure (this might involve some “koffiekoeken” from time to time). Everything we do is a team effort. We expect more from our developers than just writing code. Together we’ll do what we need to do to make sure our product changes get to production, regardless of the job to be done.

We’re so confident in our products that there’s an expression we use: “You build it, you run it”.

We’re in an agile environment where it’s not a matter if things will change but when they will change. We’re always asking ourselves which would be the next step towards improving ourselves, our products and the company as a whole. Input of individual team members is greatly appreciated.

The team currently has 4 developers, a product owner and a Scrum master.


Your key strengths?

  • Must-have knowledge: Java 8, REST, Spring;
  • Knowledge of these technologies are plus: Java 11, Spring boot, Gradle, Amazon Web Services, databases, NodeJs;
  • Knowledge of certain technologies is not the most important element. Beyond that you are conceptually familiar with ORM, Document store, AOP, DDD, SOLID, etc.;
  • Agile mindset and experience with Scrum or other agile methodologies;
  • Curious and open-minded;
  • Critical; always looking for the ‘why’ of things;
  • Passionate about development and always focused on quality;
  • Team oriented – going for victory together;
  • You draw energy from working in a high-tech and continuously innovating environment (did you know that we’re switching to an AWS cloud?).



  • You think along for concepts and architecture;
  • You are a driven problem solver and have a significant sense of responsibility;
  • You are eager to learn, open-minded and love a no-nonsense approach;
  • You are critical; always looking for the ‘why’ of things;
  • You are passionate about IT and always focused on quality;
  • You are team-oriented;
  • You draw energy from working in a high-tech and continuously innovating environment.

PS : If you are not already AWS certified, then we will expect you to certify for AWS within 6 months.


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